Band Bio

        Sometimes it’s easy to lose faith when we are going through very dark times, but when we lean on the Lord, trust in Him, He will give us strength, and will turn the darkness into light. Rock up the Hill formed in 2016, releasing February 14, 2018, their debut album “Choose to Believe.” Reverbnation has them ranked #1 in Riverside, California.  We've played at large venues such as So CAL Fair, and The Mission Inn's Festival of Lights,  and small venues such as weddings, and churches. Rock Up the Hill means rock n’roll up to Calvary’s Hill, and to have faith like a rock in Jesus. We carry our heavy crosses (rocks) up the hill of life to Calvary’s Hill united in song and offer them to Jesus, and He will give us the grace to carry them. It’s our mission to help others find the light in the darkness of their lives, because God is always there. Everyone has a choice to choose the light or to stay in the dark. All the songs in this album involve having to “Choose Right Over Wrong.”

         Currently, Amy C. Smith and Heriberto M. Oliva help lead the worship at their church in Jurupa Valley, CA. “It’s amazing to see how God has used us to minister to His people, and how He sends people to us for hope, healing, deliverance, and encouragement. When His presence comes, miracles happen. If we can move just one heart closer to Jesus than our mission is a success,” exclaims Smith.  We look forward to touring to a city near you. Let us show you how God has helped us.




          Amy C. Smith, the lead singer and songwriter, was born, with Hip Dysplasia, and her mother was told that she would never walk normally. Her mother had a vision from Jesus during Smith’s child birth of Jesus telling her it was a blessing to be a mother. Her mother prayed, and faithfully put braces on her daughter’s legs. Smith’s hips miraculously healed at 9 months.

          Later on, Smith battled depression when she had acne in her adolescence years, and began writing in a diary to God. Writing poetry and songs to God, and playing the keyboard became her refuge. It was Smith’s devotion to God that brought her family back to church. She joined the church choir.

           After Smith’s daughter was born, Smith battled a stomach bacteria for 7 years, trying every medicine available and was labeled with IBS. Even though she was very skinny, all foods would make her bloat as if she were 9 months pregnant, and was always nauseous and dizzy. “Can you imagine how it feels when people would come up to you and ask how many months pregnant you were, and you weren’t pregnant? God taught me humility in my suffering, but I trusted in the Lord. He was permitting me to suffer for a reason; so my faith could be stronger.” The more she suffered, the closer she got to God.

         After doing a parasite cleanse, she almost died, and had severe sight effects such as continuous dilation of pupils, eye pain, constant flashes, headache, and intestinal spasms that lasted for about a year. “We were on the brink of losing everything, not knowing how we were going to pay the bills, or put food on the table, but we put our faith in the Lord, and He always provided, said Smith.” Bills were miraculously lower than usual. “It was in the suffering where the smoky, soulful passion, and twang in my voice developed, my songs became very personal, and my faith very strong,” Smith shares.

          She promised God if He would heal her, she would make it her life’s mission to lead people to Him, but if He didn’t heal her, she would accept His holy will, because He always turns bad into good. About one year after having done the parasite cleanse, she was healed; all her stomach issues and sight effects had disappeared.  With over 27 songs made, and more to come,  hence the album “Choose to Believe.” 


Amy C. Smith

It was in the suffering where the smoky, soulful passion, and twang in my voice developed, my songs became very personal, and my faith very strong”

— Amy C. Smith


        Heriberto (Herb) M. Oliva, the guitarist, years ago was hit by a hit and run drunk semi-truck driver. Herb’s car flipped over onto an embankment. His car was completely crushed. A good Samaritian woman helped him out, and told him “God has saved you today!” Herb was Christian, but hadn’t been practicing as much as he should. This event helped renew and strengthen his faith, and jump started his journey back to Jesus. He survived with only minor whiplash. Also, when working in a factory, his shirt got stuck in a machine, which pulled his hand into the machine, and crushed his right hand’s pinkie finger. That did not stop him from playing the guitar, his passion. “Bad things may happen, but God will always make good come out of it,” says Herb.

Herb Oliva